Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was just sitting here (in my apartment) trying to come up with a sufficient facebook status to sum up my weekend. To sum up how I feel right now. But I don't want to be one of "those people" who uses social media to list every little thing they did that day, knowing you may not care what I did this weekend. You may not care about the little things that make me happy. I am known for {perhaps} being {overly} sentimental. But I can't just let this pass me by without memorializing it somehow. I feel contentment. Better yet, I feel blessed. So allow me to count the blessings that have touched my heart this weekend.

My right eye almost closes when I really smile.
  • Balloons, helium, and the various forms of giggling they produce
  • Bright blue birthday cake (Yes, the cake itself was dyed blue!)
  • Roller skating
  • Captivating - this book is challenging me in so many ways
  • Hugs and love from my 8 year old niece
  • Having the title "my Bekah-wekah" bestowed on me in lieu of "Aunt Bekah"
  • Holding the hand of "my 'Mara-Beara" in the grocery store (she really is the sweetest thing EVER)
  • Long talks with friends and sisters
  • Slow, rainy car rides that give me plenty of time to think, pray and worship
  • Technology, allowing me to talk to my best friend every day, despite her being several countries away
  • Naps
  • Rainy long weekends
  • Remembering that this weekend marks 8 years of fellowship with the church body I am a part of
I love the little things. I love that God made me to love the little things. I love seeing Him in them. My heart sighs with contentment on nights like this. I feel His peace washing over me, and I just want to pour gratitude back to Him for all these things so freely given, so grossly undeserved.

"O GOD, My heart is steadfast. 
I will sing and give praise..." 
~Psalm 108:1


  1. Have you read Chapter 7 yet? Couldn't help thinking how appropriate it is, especially the way you worded your last paragraph! (Or maybe you wrote this after reading that chapter, in which case just 'yay, I noticed!')

    Also one other thing I noticed was that 'Mara-Beara' probably rhymes for you, right? It doesn't for me :D

  2. I actually just got through chapter 6 last night. I had to put it down, just to absorb it all, and it still took me an hour to go to sleep! Now I'm looking forward to chapter 7!

    Yes, I realize that, phonetically, it should be "Mare-uh, Bear-uh" but, her name is "Amara" so.. yeah.. nicknames don't have to be phonetically correct, do they? :-p

  3. I just meant that in terms of the way I pronounce things, 'mara' and 'bear-uh' don't rhyme. I pronounce the first one 'marr-uh'! :)