Friday, September 30, 2011

I Wonder

I had another post in the works, but this song started playing from a new album I just downloaded by Tara-Leigh Cobble. I decided to share this instead.

Sometimes I wonder how much He knew
Of all the things His love would put Him through
Did He ever pass a tree along His way
and know it was the very tree He'd die upon some day?

And if He did, did His heart break?
Every time He passed it on the street
I wonder if He ever thought
that tree I made will be
The death of me

Oh the irony of His carpentry
Did it serve as a reminder of His legacy?
Did He bear it constantly?
Building with the nails that tore His body?

And if He did, did His heart break?
Every time the metal broke the beam?
Well I wonder if He ever thought
A nail like this will be
The death of me

Well I may never know what crossed His mind
But there's one more question hanging on inside
And did He ever think of me?
2,000 years somewhere across the sea

And if He did, did His heart break?
Even though He died so willingly
Well I wonder if He ever thought
My love for her will be
The death of me

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was just sitting here (in my apartment) trying to come up with a sufficient facebook status to sum up my weekend. To sum up how I feel right now. But I don't want to be one of "those people" who uses social media to list every little thing they did that day, knowing you may not care what I did this weekend. You may not care about the little things that make me happy. I am known for {perhaps} being {overly} sentimental. But I can't just let this pass me by without memorializing it somehow. I feel contentment. Better yet, I feel blessed. So allow me to count the blessings that have touched my heart this weekend.

My right eye almost closes when I really smile.
  • Balloons, helium, and the various forms of giggling they produce
  • Bright blue birthday cake (Yes, the cake itself was dyed blue!)
  • Roller skating
  • Captivating - this book is challenging me in so many ways
  • Hugs and love from my 8 year old niece
  • Having the title "my Bekah-wekah" bestowed on me in lieu of "Aunt Bekah"
  • Holding the hand of "my 'Mara-Beara" in the grocery store (she really is the sweetest thing EVER)
  • Long talks with friends and sisters
  • Slow, rainy car rides that give me plenty of time to think, pray and worship
  • Technology, allowing me to talk to my best friend every day, despite her being several countries away
  • Naps
  • Rainy long weekends
  • Remembering that this weekend marks 8 years of fellowship with the church body I am a part of
I love the little things. I love that God made me to love the little things. I love seeing Him in them. My heart sighs with contentment on nights like this. I feel His peace washing over me, and I just want to pour gratitude back to Him for all these things so freely given, so grossly undeserved.

"O GOD, My heart is steadfast. 
I will sing and give praise..." 
~Psalm 108:1